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Our Purpose & Values

We are Rietumu Fintech

Progress is not a self-starter.It requires a catalyst to be set in motion.Information, imagination, people,technology–the right combination canunlock possibility and change the world.

We accelerate progress

Our world is in transition and getting more complex by the day. We push past expected observations and seek out new levels of understanding so that we can help companies, governments and individuals make an impact on tomorrow.

At Rietumu Fintech, we focus on powering the markets of the future. Throughout our history, the world’s leading organizations have relied on us for the essential intelligence they need to make confident decisions about the road ahead.

Finding new ways to measure ESG. Analyzing energy transition across the supply chain. Building workflow solutions that make it easy to tap into insight and apply it. We are changing the way people see things and empowering them to make an impact on the world we live in.

Our People

We’re 1,000+ strong worldwide—so we’re able to understand nuances while having a broad perspective. Our team is driven by curiosity and a shared belief that essential intelligence can help build a more prosperous future for us all. Meet some of the people who make it possible.

We’re committed to a more equitable future and to helping our customers find new, sustainable ways of doing business. We’re constantly seeking new solutions that have progress in mind.

Our Values

Integrity Discovery Partnership

We start with a foundation of integrity in all we do, bring a spirit of discovery to our work, and collaborate in close partnership with each other and our customers to achieve shared goals.