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One of the six projects that got the opportunity to participate in Rietumu Fintech Challenge 2016 was Notakey. Although they didn't win, Notakey Business developer and co-founder Jānis Graubiņš says - it was worth it. The year has passed and team has made big steps forward - they already have agreements with two leading Swiss banks! 

What is your product about?

Our product Notakey allows company employees and customers to access sensitive data and validate the activities, for example payments on the Internet bank, ten times faster. Our solution is comparable with ID-card in terms of security and with a mobile phone in terms of easy usage. At the moment, we have information from our clients that it is possible to save up to 7000 euros by using our application that would otherwise be lost due to production costs. We can also improve the customer service by 40%.

How much have you grown – what are your biggest successes so far?

Well, currently our product is used in areas such as medicine, telecommunication, Information Technologies and banking. I would say that our biggest achievement is the agreement signed with two leading Swiss banks – UBS and Credit Suisse. We are also proud to be winners of one of the Europe’s largest multi-corporates - zero equity Kickstart Accelerator. Currently we are actively working on market strengthening. Our focus is on the Baltic States, Finland and Switzerland. In the future we are hoping to work with Scandinavian and German-speaking countries.

How would you evaluate your success in the FinTech field?

As we only have been operating for one year, I would say that right now we have got pretty high recognition from the media and society. Currently we are invited to make public speeches for various conferences. 

What was the most successful outcomes from participating in Rietumu Fintech Challenge 2016?

The most useful outcome was the presence of many mentors and experts and the recommendations they gave us. It is always good to take a look at your product from the different prospective and understand which is the best way to communicate with potential customers. I would definitely recommend participating in Rietumu Fintech Challenge 2017 to anyone who wants to improve their product presentation skills. So good luck to everyone, it is more than worth it!

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