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Rietumu Bank continue cooperation with Latvian Startup Association Startin.LV to organize special clubs for FinTech experts!  Disrupting financial services is boring. Disrupting the rest of traditional business is not! Telecoms, airlines, retail chains beware!  Rietumu FinTech Club is a meeting place for professionals, investors, and founders to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the field of financial technology in the Baltics.

"Latvian fintech community consists of businesses that are driven by a clear market demand: payday and p2p lending platforms, big data analysis for instant credit scoring, micropayments for parking and tickets and retail e-commerce. At the same time, foreign entrants like German bank N26 have already started eating the bank’s retail payments pie, while Revolut is aiming to join this game in Latvia by using available new technologies, like non-face-to face customer identification for scaling their businesses outside of their home countries. This time we are gladly joined by classic non-fintech businesses –- one of largest retail chains in region and leading airline that are enjoying substantial and loyal user base that is so lucrative for fintechs. We would like to get them talking on how they see the technology will change their “offline” landscape -- which technology in focus, who will benefit and who will lose. Are there any clear demand gaps or touching points to collaborate with tech and financial companies? We will see!"  - comment from the VC and Board Member Jevgenijs Djugajevs. 

Previous Rietumu FinTech Club was held in April 2017, and the main guest was Andrius Biceika from famous startup Revolut. Revolut just recently has announced that they are going to disrupt all banking sphere!  The second part of the event consisted of panel discussion involving all stakeholders of FinTech industry. Startups were represented by Valdis Bergs (Mtrx), Roberts Bernāns (Nordigen) and Jevgenijs Novickis (Swipe). Jevgenijs Djugajevs from Rietumu Banka represented the banking sector. The opinion of the state bodies was expressed by Arnis Lībenzons, Head of the E-commerce department (EKUKMAD) of the Tax Control Office of the State Revenue Service. 

Last year we also have had Rietumu FinTech Clubs!
The keynote speaker Lauris Liepa from  Cobalt with was talking about  "Legal Framework for Alternative Finance Models", that included overview of financial instruments, that compose the Alternative market,  Role and Legal Status of Financing Partner. Followed by discussion "Finding the way out: the ineffectiveness of regulations during the cycle of startup life" with panelists Mārtiņš Bērziņš (Monea) Lauris Liepa (Cobalt) Mārtiņš Šulte (Mintos) Dina Buse (FM) and moderator Daniels Pavluts.

The first Rietumu FinTech Club was focusing on “Building your FinTech startup from Baltics”.  Keynote speaker Jevgēņijs Kazaņins, CEO atTwinoon “Baltics as a central FinTech hub: vision or reality?”.  Followed by presentations about processing centre DECTA and support program for Fintech startups, as well a brief introduction to the Mobilly technology. Discussion panel - Jevgēņijs Kazaņins Twino, Jevgēņijs Djugajevs (Rietumu Bank, Member of the Board, Senior Vice-president), Uldis Pabērzis (Mobilly), Mark Andreev (Decta), moderated by Māris Daģis (Sellfy, Co-founder, CEO).

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